Accessible Days Out in Dorset

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Map of Dorset

Moors Valley Country Park

Moors Valley, Horton Road, Ashley Heath, Ringwood, UK

Sea Life – Weymouth

SEA LIFE Centre Weymouth, Weymouth DT4 7SX, UK

Lemur Landings

Lemur Landings, Tower Park, Poole, UK

Adventure Wonderland

Adventure Wonderland, Merritown Lane, Hurn, Christchurch, UK

The Keep Military Museum

The Keep Military Museum, Bridport Road, Dorchester, UK


Oceanarium, Pier Approach, Bournemouth, UK

Ringstead Bay

Dorchester DT2 8NQ, UK

Information about Dorset

Discover the enduring allure of Dorset, nestled in South West England, where a seamless fusion of heritage, serene countryside, and an array of activities create a memorable experience. This vibrant region, known for its breathtaking coastlines, rolling hills, and charming market towns, invites exploration and guarantees a captivating blend of history, rural tranquillity, and numerous activities to enjoy. Dorset also prioritises accessibility, ensuring that all visitors can experience its beauty and attractions.

Dorset’s coastline, famously known as the Jurassic Coast and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts stunning cliffs, secluded coves, and fossil-rich beaches. Natural wonders like Durdle Door and the Old Harry Rocks beckon visitors for awe-inspiring coastal walks and exploration. Many coastal areas and trails are equipped with accessible features such as ramps and designated parking, making them accessible to everyone.

Quaint market towns such as Dorchester, Sherborne, and Bridport add to Dorset’s charm with their historic appeal, lively markets, and welcoming community atmosphere. Dorchester, associated with Thomas Hardy, enriches the county with literary heritage, while Bridport’s vibrant arts scene and famous street market provide a lively cultural experience. These towns offer accessible accommodations, public transportation options, and facilities designed to accommodate visitors with disabilities.

Dorset’s rural landscapes, including the Dorset Downs and Blackmore Vale, are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The picturesque trails of the South West Coast Path, opportunities for water sports along the coast, and the vast heathlands of the Purbeck Hills offer endless activities for nature lovers and adventurers. Many nature reserves and parks feature accessible paths and visitor centres to ensure that everyone can enjoy Dorset’s natural beauty.

The county’s dedication to preserving its heritage is evident in landmarks like Corfe Castle, an ancient fortress with a dramatic past, and the charming village of Milton Abbas, celebrated for its distinctive 18th-century architecture. Efforts have been made to enhance accessibility at these historic sites, including offering guided tours for visitors with mobility challenges and providing detailed accessibility information.

Dorset’s cultural calendar is lively, featuring events such as the Dorset County Show, which celebrates agriculture and rural life, and the Larmer Tree Festival, a music and arts festival set in the magical Larmer Tree Gardens. The county’s rich artistic scene is further enriched by galleries, theatres, and cultural events, enhancing Dorset’s cultural vibrancy. Many cultural venues are committed to accessibility, offering wheelchair access, hearing loops, and sensory-friendly performances.

The culinary scene in Dorset celebrates local produce, traditional pubs, and coastal seafood delights. From exploring food markets to enjoying farm-to-table dining experiences, Dorset offers a diverse array of flavors to savor. Numerous restaurants and cafes provide accessible dining options, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the local cuisine.

Whether you’re exploring historic landmarks, browsing bustling markets, soaking in the natural beauty of the countryside, or engaging in various coastal activities, Dorset ensures there is something for every kind of explorer. This county, with its perfect blend of history, natural splendour, cultural vibrancy, and abundant activities, invites both residents and visitors to uncover the timeless charm of Dorset in the heart of South West England. With a strong focus on accessibility, Dorset ensures that all visitors can fully enjoy its offerings.

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